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Grandmother Water Lives ...

... In special places like Naso Territory, Panama, Grandmother Water is protected by a sustainable leaver culture. In other places, she is bought and sold by a rabid taker culture. Voracious wolves are presently camped at the edge of Naso Territory, one foot in the door on a small Naso tributary. The administration which sold out its people has been ousted, by the people, for the people. Now it is time we support a new administration in a noble and honorable bid for Naso autonomy. Thank you for signing the Naso petition. Please share this notice with family and friends and ask them to sign? Together we can help Panama's National Assembly do right by the Naso, just as prior administrations have done for every other indigenous group in Panama. Let us stand strong with our Naso brothers and sisters to say NO to new conquistadors intent on robbing the Naso of their natural resources and their way of life. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Stephen Kaczor, Executive Director Big River Foundation

Big River Foundation
7 years ago