Create parking for the residents of Lightsview & make the streets safer


Create parking for the residents of Lightsview & make the streets safer

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In lightsview there has been a shift from providing residents what was originally promised by PEET & SA Renewl to ‘just finishing’ Lightsview and it’s development. 

The start of the lightsview development provided on street parking and wide streets. Apartment buildings had parking allocated within the complex. 

Progression of the lightsview development has seen the loss of it’s original plans in relation to:

1. Road width- it’s significantly reduced. Roads built later in the project are so narrow in contrast to when lightsview was first building roads which were a healthy width allowing for traffic to flow and cars to park on street.

2. Residents  and density levels are increasing due to so many apartment complexes being approved.

3.  Car parking allocation within apartment complexes is not enough to combat the residents moving in with cars. 

4.  Reduced on street parking - no parking bays are being provided anymore compared to the first stages of the development. 

The vision residents were sold that inspired them to invest their hard earned money into lightsview are now seeing their vision dissappear and are having to fight for parking to reduce the congestion on the roads and to make it safer.  Stressful.  

Homes with one car spot allocation have three bedrooms. Now if these rooms are rented out or even have a couple living there it’s safe to say most people own two cars. So the math is not adding up for car parking right there. Not to mention visitor parking is a nightmare. 

Paired with a lack of transport ( about 5% of people use it)  the need for cars is even more important. Who wants to spend a hour on the bus to get to the city that’s 15 minutes away? 

With new apartment blocks going up and lack of on street parking there is now becoming a urgency to act and fix this issue. 

Residents get their cars side swiped constantly and there are far too many blind spots. It is scary to think, but a child or even an adult isn’t visible on the majority of these roads due to congestion. 

In an emergency an ambulance would not be able to access majority of streets in lightsview due to congestion and narrowing of streets. 

The addition of yellow lines to the roads to prevent illegal parking is only reducing places people can park and highlighting the desperate attempts people are making to park - which are not safe places but there isn’t anywhere to park! 

Vacant land in Waterford is being used as a car park in the evenings. It hasn’t sold. So it’s being used. Which is showing a need for more parking. 

Due to the current legislation no community consultation has been done and apartments keep springing up every where.

With apartments going up rapidly and no under ground parking being built the flow on effect is urgent.  

Future developments on maps have turned into high rise apartments and many other changes have occurred which were not disclosed to residents. 

Proposal to correct these issues highlighted above :

1. Wider roads like they were originally being built. 

2. Provide on street parking bays- as many as possible 

3. Review apartment plans to ensure there is sufficient parking of at least 1- 2 car park spots per apartment sold on the complex site and visitor parking allocated for apartments on the complex site too. 

4. Reveiw of the proposed apartments to be built and restricting/ stopping any more apartments being built. This will reduce the density and stem the parking issue from getting any worse. 

5. Ensure apartments are evenly spread throughout lightsview to ensure once again carparking and density are evenly distributed throughout lightsview. 

6. Buses running all day and frequently. Ones that don’t take a hour to get to the city. 

This petition is only the beginning of our fight but we demand the parking situation be addressed immediately before an accident happens. 



This petition made change with 172 supporters!

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