Free Funerals For All

Free Funerals For All

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Mathew Behan started this petition to Create 'New Government Legislation'

Free basic funerals for all alleviating the costs for all regardless of income.

With inequality at its widest the costs of funerals are spiralling, people who have suffered a loss should not have the extra pressure of the costs, the stress caused and the panic of finding the funds to deliver a basic funeral. This should be free and paid for by central government.

Campaign of the Week The indignity of funeral costs
Mathew Behan looks at the heartless methods of the funeral industry and, in response, advocates a free basic funeral for all

Funeral prices have increased at an alarming rate over recent years. These costs are affecting people when at their most vulnerable, even resulting in families breaking up and not speaking to each other due to the added stress and costs.

The majority of people working and receiving poverty wages is now at its highest and still growing. The majority of us just cannot afford a basic funeral if a loved one passed away.
In some cases, funeral directors adopt a sales pitch approach — selling add-ons as if you were shopping to buy a new television, an easy sell — putting more pressure on families who have just lost a loved one.
To put this in perspective, we come into this world free of charge, get help while growing, then we find work and pay taxes, VAT, national insurance, utility bills with VAT all our lives, then the least we all should expect is a decent free basic funeral so whoever is passing away, rich or poor can do so with dignity without the added pressure on relatives.
There are schemes — we have all seen the adverts — over-50-plus funeral plans, with a footnote: “you may pay more than you receive in pay-out,” and premiums go up after the first year. Numbers
Don’t fall for these so-called plans, death should not be marketable and funeral directors — who are unregulated — should not take advantage when people are still in shock and vulnerable after losing a loved one.
On average, there are 600,000 funerals a year in the UK. The average cost for a basic funeral is approximately £4,500, this equates to around £2.7 billion in annual profits.
To put this in perspective Boris Johnson recently announced — on his campaign trail to be new prime minister — that he will enact a further £12.7bn tax cut that would only benefit the few.
Free basic funerals at approximately £2.7bn would benefit all of us, at a fraction of Johnson’s tax break for the upper classes.
Free funerals for all would also help your local economy; families would spend what little money they have locally, being it at a florist or wake.
Don’t forget that as things stand, if anyone in the family earns the minimum wage, you will not receive any help towards the costs regardless of size of family.
The more you think about this the more sense it makes. Claire Brandon of Quaker Social Action Down To Earth makes a good comment on costs and bad practices in funeral market in the Guardian newspaper: “I get a unique insight into the effect. I’ve called around five funeral directors in the area and none of them want to know, as soon as I tell them I have no money.”
We need to get the conversation started at least. For the many not the few!  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!