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Create more residential care for Methamphetamine users that are trying to get clean

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Millions of dollars worth of Methamphetamine is being seized at our boarders with unknown amounts still making it through to our communities and people.

It is hard to explain the effects of Methamphetamine to those that have never seen it, even more so to those that are using it, as the dopamine that is released in their brains triggers the belief that there is no issues and that they are perfectly fine.It is only the ones that are close to them that witness the different stages and changes in their presents both physically and mentally.

In this state it's hard to express to those consumers about your concerns, even harder is finding the right time to engage with them. There is a time during their addiction that their bodies naturally try to balance back out after 'coming down' or withdrawing, this is usually their most vulnerable state and can also be the most dangerous time to assist them. It's a lot safer to have as many support networks around you as possible. Even better still somewhere they can escape the environment of influence.

But the issue is that there are not enough rehabilitation centers or residential homes that can cater to those that seek the support. The handful of places that are around have a waiting list that's longer than this petition and can take many months to get in, by then the user has usually relapsed and is back to using again.

There are multiple levels of addressing this demon from national government to community lead initiatives, this petition is to support the increase of residential homes and / or rehabilitation centers with a full wrap around service delivery for those that know they have a user issue and are genuine about seeking support.

Lets work together to create less prisons and convictions more residential support and services.


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