Create Legislation to prevent extortion and theft by movers like all exclusive queens

Create Legislation to prevent extortion and theft by movers like all exclusive queens

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mohammed Shaikh

Moving companies have become mafia that commit extortion and theft every day. They charge money way more than what was agreed on the contract and either you pay ridiculous amount over your budget or get all your property auctioned in public. This happens every day to thousands across America.

One such moving company by the name "All exclusive movers" in 114-21 Linden Blvd S. Ozone Park NY 11420 run by Joseph Monaco did such act of extortion and theft with me.

They agreed to move my furniture and household goods to Dallas from Paterson at the price of 6000 and took a deposit of 200 for the agreement. On the day of the move which is 18th of March a guy named Mohammed Ali calling himself as Ramadan came to my home and changed the price from 6000 to 11000 for the same inventory. When I refused he said I will have to pay him to leave my premises because they already came ready to move. Ultimately he agreed to move everything at a new flat price of 8000. They charged my 3900 as the initial payment and 3900 plus credit card fee making it 4085 was due on the day of delivery in Dallas. 
After loading the truck half way they asked my to give them 11000 or face charges in the court. When I refused they just drove off with my property and 3900 and placed all my belonging in some warehouse in jersey and decided not to move it to Texas. Now Instead of returning my property back and the amount of 3900 they are now asking me to pay them 4000 more to get my own property back right here in Paterson. If I don't give them the money they will auction it in public. I have the signed document that clearly shows the amount given to them and the agreement. The moving company also committed fraud by removing the amount I paid them from the agreement with whitener that you can clearly see
I went to the Queen 106 sector police department and they will not take this case as a criminal case of theft and extortion and asked me to leave the premises.
This is outrageous. I have lost my money and my property and they are going to auction it and no police or court can help me. This is not just me. Many across the US are facing this every day such as this:

Let us put an end to this extortion and theft that many Americans are going through all over US every day from movers like All Exclusive Movers in Queen NY

244 have signed. Let’s get to 500!