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Create Education and Training for Post-War Sustainable and Global Economies

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We are playing into the hands of politicians when we focus our attention on every word spoken in sound bites, by lying politicians...that sounds redundant, don't it?

If we can train ourselves to think past the election, we will no longer be driven to places we don't want to go as a nation.

The Pickens energy Plan brings out the best in people, because it galvanizes regular people to act as free agents. Look at the phenomenal interest being generated across the country, to act in concert with energy leaders; not waiting for someone else to act in our own interests.

We all respect the talents of billionaires, who live simple lives, and use their talents to help lift others in society, by providing jobs in the service as well as manufacturing sectors; few of us can call or reach our congress persons on the phone or email...believe me, I have tried to contact them about the need to create opportunities for training, through green power and building development.

Here is an incredible event in US history, being shared by people from every walk and social standing, all united in a common effort; motivated by a thread of hope for better opportunities, by following someone who can help us to help ourselves, through social interaction and networking! As someone who has made an extensive quest to understand the viral marketing/videos/media/networking forces which we can see with our own eyes, yet are at a loss to try to explain to anyone else, what created a YouTube virus; or a Craigs List/Facebook/Digg...fill in the it is happening all over again with the Pickens energy Plan.

I am amazed at the passion which I see expressed in the profiles of people across the country; I saw the same enthusiasm for Ron Paul, who also rallied millions to his principles of Study and Share/Discuss the Constitution...not only impacting on US listeners, but all over the globe. Pickens is one who is highly respected for his experience in energy development/investing; his own commitment to wind and water projects makes him credible to leaders in the private and public policy sectors. He can persuade the Oil Producing Countries to listen and make the necessary preparations for sustainable economics in every region of the world.

The excitement in this country will be tempered by a lack of media interest; right now we have the opportunity to keep energy policy in the forefront of those who pretend to represent US...because men like Mr. Pickens are the driving force behind the corporate decision-makers who line the pockets of politicians! Impossible for the BureaucRATS to ignore or oppose. As more leaders in other regions of the world accept the realities of growing impatience on the part of people who will expect clean water and clean air and safe highways and cities, it is no longer the politicians who will lead, even if they claim to be the ones who discovered the power of clean energy...or the internet. Once again, it will be the builders who will guide the nations of the earth away from war and famine and pestilence; because the People will be able to choose just and wise leaders to make public policy. We always had that power, which is why the wars were invented to keep us from uniting for common cause. Agree or disagree?

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