Create an 'Audio' sub-category in the 'Game' category on the App Store

Create an 'Audio' sub-category in the 'Game' category on the App Store

25 June 2022
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Matt Fischer (Apple)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Harry Cooper

As people, connected through a world of technology, each and every one of us should be looking for ways to innovate. We should be looking to develop exciting concepts with the aim of connecting the world through positive and inclusive actions.

Developers, Tech Users, Players, Writers, Narrative Explorers, Accessible Gamers, Late Night Gamers, Challenge Cravers, Sound Nerds, Innovative Designers…

These are just some of the vital links in the chain of technology and entertainment, and Purple Jam’s mission is to strengthen that chain further -

 - by bringing the engrossing world of Audio Games firmly into earshot.

Audio Games, that is, games that use audio as the primary medium or prominent feature, are far from new to the market. In fact, the idea of audio driven games has been iterated on for nearly three decades. Now, we think it’s time that the hidden world of Audio Games is unveiled - revealing unexplored regions of the ever-growing gaming world. 

The benefits of helping to grow the genre are undeniable.

The accessible benefits of Audio Games for the Blind and Partially sighted - bridging the gap between technology and those who can’t access that technology is undoubtedly a force for good. With 39 million blind people and 285 million visually impaired people, developing creative ideas that appeal directly to gamers from this demographic has to be a positive change. 

Other gamers aren’t to be forgotten here. Alternative forms of gaming, like music, puzzle and simulation games make up a substantial portion of the gaming industry. With the App Store’s most popular category being Games, a question comes to mind - just how many alternative games make up the staggering 984,000 available as of 2021? 

Whether that portion is perceived as substantial or not, the negative effects of inadvertently shadowing Audio Games are plentiful – fewer titles get developed - fewer forms of entertainment exist in the gaming world - potential players are unaware of the breadth of gaming fulfillment - levels of accessibility in the gaming industry are hindered - the gaming industry has an unexplored area of growth… the list goes on.

Ultimately, people don’t get to experience this inclusive and uniquely immersive form of gaming. 

The cost of bringing all this to life? Creating a category on your App Store. 

We’re writing this letter in the hope that you add the sub-category of Audio, to the category of Games, on your store - showcasing the 400 plus Audio Games available on iOS at the moment. 

We sincerely hope you find this letter and consider what can only be described as a positive, inclusive move into the future of Gaming.

Kindest regards, 

Purple Jam

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Signatures: 655Next Goal: 1,000
Support now


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