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Create a truly green space. Stop the removal of trees at the site of Price Laboratory School!

The administration of the University of Northern Iowa has stated that the demolition of the Price Laboratory School is necessary, in part, to create additional "green space" on campus. Their plan to accomplish this includes raising the grade by as much as 4 ft in some areas and the removal of all the trees along both 19th and Campus Streets.

 We believe a more sustainable solution would be to leave the land as close to its current grade level as possible and preserve most, if not all, of the existing trees.

To create a truly green space and to follow responsible sustainability practices, every effort should be made to save the mature trees already thriving in this spot on campus.

Letter to
President's Office
President Bill Ruud
Vice President of Administration Michael Hager
Stop the removal of trees at the site of the Price Laboratory School. The truly sustainable and green choice would be to maintain the already mature, viable, beautiful trees on the school grounds.

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