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Create a toddler play area at the Yerba Buena Children's Playground

Within the past 5 years, many new families have decided to stay and raise their children in the Soma area. Unfortunately, there aren't very many facilities for toddlers and young children.

The Yerba Buena Children's Playground is a wonderful facility and we have been visiting the park nearly every day since our daughter was just a few months old. Now that she is one-year old and walking, she loves to run on the playground, but has been trampled by older children using the slides and equipment. The playground was really designed for older children (5+ years) but there isn't any equipment for toddlers.

I hope the community can come together to help build a structure for toddlers better suited for 1-3 year olds. 

Letter to
Yerba Buena Gardens Management Office
CEO, MJM Management Group & GM of Yerba Buena Gardens Mary J. McCue
Please help provide a facility for all of the new families in Soma by creating a toddler play area at the Yerba Buena Children's Playground.