Create a Suicide Hotline in the UAE #UAEForSuicidePrevention

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Suicidal thoughts are a lot more common than you might think they are. Everyone thinks about suicide, just at different rates and levels. Suicidal people exist, and they’re silently struggling every day with thoughts they cannot escape without help. These thoughts slowly consume the person’s energy and motivation, leaving them without a purpose to go on or carry out their daily routine activities. Hundreds of people die by suicide each year in the UAE, and it shouldn’t be that way. Suicide is 100% preventable, and people should have the support that they need.

I started this petition because I care about each and every person struggling with suicidal thoughts. I already know a lot of suicidal people, and everyone knows at least one person who is suicidal. A lot of people end up living with their suicide attempts while fewer succeed. Although a lot of attempters survive, they shouldn't have to reach a point in which they feel like death is the only escape. Instead, their attempts should be prevented.

This petition is meant to be the first step towards establishing a suicide hotline in the UAE, which will save thousands of people from suicide. Your support matters. Each and every signature counts. Each and every signature makes a difference.