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Create a show aimed at empowering young girls

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*Note: I've updated this petition to include ALL major US & Canadian tv networks, not just PBS. This petition and your signature will be sent to PBS Kids, CBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, CBC Kids, Discovery Kids, and TLC. We have a better chance of success if we let these stations know there is a real demand for this kind of quality programming. Personally, I'm hoping Discovery Kids or CBC Kids (a Canadian network) will take up the cause, as I can see them doing something truly awesome with this idea. 

Girls today deserve, NEED, a show that develops in them a passion for science, engineering, biology, chemistry, humanitarianism, conservation, recycling, organic agriculture, green energy, feminism, running a business, finances, environmental/social activism, sports, creative arts, etc. With fun interesting information about strong smart female role models like women scientists, politicians, activists, leaders, doctors, athletes, artists. Educate them about the feminist movement, how women have shaped our world today and changed it for the better. Show them how to do science experiments and construct mini bridges and buildings. Encourage them to contact local politicians and govt about issues that concern them. Give them ideas on how to organize local food or collection drives for the needy in their communities. Foster a love of the arts, music, literature, creativity. Inspire them to CHANGE THE WORLD. These are our girls, and they need something that acknowledges the innate power they have to create their own future.

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