Create a Ranked ARAM Playlist (2​.​0)

Create a Ranked ARAM Playlist (2​.​0)

March 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Echo Tronik

Getting bored of the rift? Tired of macro? Want to have a bit of fun and competition mixed together? Flex that you are skilled at many champs/roles rather than spamming one? Why wait until 15 to ff when you could throw it up in 10?

You've come to the right place. The queue you've all been waiting for. RiotPLZ give the community what it is sadly missing: RANKED ARAM


After numerous conversations with ARAM players, some more consideration has been made of certain elements this petition is requesting. The overall hope remains the same, though! This is an updated petition to the original iteration:

Solo/Duo and Flex options - lvl 30 requirement probably still. 

Forced ALL champions unlocked to avoid "aram only" accounts that only have the most broken champions

I get a lot of mixed feedback on bans, so maybe this decision can be made down the road. On one hand, no bans would keep the heart of regular aram alive. This would also prevent some champs (like lux, etc) from being banned in 100% of games. On the other hand, maybe some bans would be important. 3 per team like back in the old days on the rift? 1 ban per player like the present? Up in the air, but I kind of like the idea of no bans, especially if there aren't rerolls. Community can decide.

No rerolls, but can trade - each team starts with 2-3 random champions on their bench as well. If the original team covers very few roles (marksman only, for example), then the bench will pull from different roles. 

Use the Bilgewater map for ranked games???

LARGE dodge penalty, both in LP and time. 

Ranked rewards :) 

Slightly better balancing lol


The spirit of this request is nuanced: competitive, yet casual. I'm a big fan of randomness, but like skill expression as well. I get that some games could possibly be decided at champ select (but let's be honest, that happens on the rift as well) and that some think competition ruins the spirit of aram. I kinda disagree on that point, and think it can be both extremely fun and a very close, competitive game without being plagued with bad attitude "sweaty" people. Maybe I'm just getting old and bad, but I see it like Rec - league energy. Mediocre/washed up people like me who still like to be rewarded for competition without having to commit to the rift grind. I don't think I'm alone in this, hence the petition :).

Thank you, and see you on the bridge

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Signatures: 55Next Goal: 100
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