Educational Climate change advert for all major media channels.

Educational Climate change advert for all major media channels.

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97% of scientists agree that Climate Change is man-made and that it is one of the biggest problems that the planet has ever faced. We are polluting our planet's oceans with every kind of plastic object imaginable (including fossil fuel), both single-use and non-single use. When these objects break down and release toxins, they contribute to the imbalance of our planet's oxygen, by diluting it in the ocean.

Millions of acres of forests are being illegally chopped down (releasing a massive excess of stored carbon dioxide), and destroying precious habitats the world over, leaving many species without an ecosystem to thrive in.

Air pollution from fossil fuels is estimated to kill 4.6 million people every year (statistics from the World Health Organisation). It’s time to create a climate change advert for a setting where people cannot easily ignore it.

The idea behind this petition is simple; collect signatures to support the creation of a short, relatable public information advert, that highlights why we need to protect our planet from Climate Change and the consequences of unsustainable commercial consumerism.

The higher the number of signatures, the bigger the chance we have of making this idea a reality! This idea will be pitched to sustainable companies and sponsors as I am intending to create part of the financial income for advert from their donations and the money that they provide will be used to pay everyone who is hired to work on this project.

The more that we prove that these kinds of adverts are wanted in society, with signatures on this petition, the more likely we are to get them. This project comes from the mind of a conservationist, citizen scientist and artist who realises that media and art are often the best way to grab public attention.

So come on, let’s make public information ads for the protection of the environment the new normal. Because when we stand united to protect the future of our planet and the human race, we can’t help but create a positive outcome!