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Create a breastfeeding-friendly policy for Michigan courtrooms!

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Earlier this month, a Michigan mom Natalie Hegedus was humiliated in front of an entire courtroom for nursing her five-month-old son. While she was waiting to be called, her son got hungry and she opted to feed him in a modest way, sitting in the back of the courtroom. The judge, in front of everyone present, asked her if she believed it was appropriate to breastfeed in court.

In an interview with WOOD TV, Natalie responded: I said, "Considering the fact that my son is hungry, and he's sick, and the fact that it's not illegal, I don't find it inappropriate ... And the judge said something to the effect of 'It's my court, it's my decision and I do find it inappropriate.'"

The full transcript of their exchange can be found here.

Humiliating a nursing mother in front of an entire court room simply for nursing her child should not be tolerated. Show Judge Hentchel and the Van Buren County Courts that we support Michigan mom Natalie Hegedus and a mother's right to breastfeed. We call for Michigan courts to create and enforce a breastfeeding friendly policy, preventing this kind of situation from happening again.

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