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Create a 100% offline single player mode in SimCity 2013, remove the Origin requirement from it, and bring back popular features from SimCity 4

It is important because gamers deserve the choice to play with a 100% offline single player mode. The SimCity games are popular mainly because of their single player nature, allowing players to create cities of their dreams. Maxis's addition of cloud saves prevent players from being able to reload previous saves. Maxis removed large-scale terraforming. Maxis removed the ability to create highways within one's own city in favour of them being used to connect cities. Between each city is vast undevelopable land. Subways will not be in the base game. Cities will be limited to a 2km by 2km area, the size of a single Toronto superblock! Many other popular features will be removed in favour of having an online experience with other players, even when playing single player.  In addition, Origin is a known piece of spyware and SimCity will use it.  Requiring the use of Origin would mean that a player's copy of the new SimCity game cannot be sold or traded. In addition, if the SimCity servers were shut down due to low demand and/or undergoing maintenance, no one can play this game. Read here for further information: Many SimCity fans oppose the changes that Maxis made to the new SimCity and many of us are loyal fans of your games.

Please sign and share so that the new SimCity game can build upon the success of its predecessors.


Urban Cartographer

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