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In regards to the welfare and prosperity of Crean Lutheran High School, we (names listed below) demand that the administration offers Mr. Beaty his jobs back immediately. Mr. Beaty was not only an extraordinary coach, he was also a notable and significant teacher that was loved by all students. The students here at Crean Lutheran reject his dismissal, as we are the ones that are most affected by this decision, we should get to voice our opinion on this matter: Bring Mr. Beaty Back. Mr. Beaty is a great man of God. He is always encouraging us to read our Bible and become closer in our relationship with God. We hope that the school administration will rectify their mistake and reinstate Mr. Beaty as head of the boys basketball team and as a teacher.

“Mr. Beaty is hands down the best teacher at Crean and the best teacher I have ever had. He teaches us the content but he always finds a way to make it interesting and keeps his students engaged. I am personally very sad to see him go because we were very close since I sat next to his desk. He would always help me when I had a question or when I didn't really understand the lesson.”

-Hailee Daniel, Sophomore

“Everyone loved him and it’s a shame to see him go.”


“He was definitely someone to look up to. He was such a great teacher and coach.”


“World History is not an easy subject to teach because it is extremely action packed. Somehow, Mr. Beaty managed to make the class fascinating and left the students pondering upon the subject. He incorporated the Bible into everything lesson he taught. Mr. Beaty also had a  great relationship with all of his students. I, personally, have never met a student who did not like him. Mr. Beaty was the best teacher I have ever had and it is more than a shame to see him leave.”

- Anonymous

“One thing that I have heard from upperclassmen that have had Mr. Beaty, either as a coach or teacher, was that he was the best. And he is, I do not know another teacher that I can comfortably go and talk to. I am not worried about Mr. Beaty in this situation, he will be fine and prosper wherever he goes. I am more concerned about this school and what path it is being led down. It makes no sense why they would dismiss such an amazing role model.”

- Anonymous

“Josh Beaty is a class act. Has worked his tail off [at] every stop he's made. A positive role model on the court & in the classroom.”

- Mater Dei Hoops



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