CraY craY colored hair allowed in school!

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So, in schools we are forced to have our hair a few colors (brown, blonde, and black) and if you have any other kind of color, you get dress coded. We spend more time at school than we do at home, don't you think we deserve a little bit more freedom? We are there to learn not to stare at someones purple hair to fail. We are smart and we think we should be able to express ourselves. Us students feel like we're in a trap because with school, it's getting in the way of us expressing ourselves. Hair doesn't interfere with learning at all, they are 2 different topics. I society, we get judged for plenty of things and in school it's like that because we are forced to be able to wear certain clothes and act a certain way, try to make us picture perfect. In that case, they are taking societys side and not letting us express ourselves. The motto is to be yourself but we can't when someone is stopping us. We are kids and we just want to live life just like you. Let us take some pressure off your shoulders and allow us to dye our hair the color we want. Thank you, friend. - mel


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