Get Crayola to introduce felt tip pen recycling in the UK

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My name is Jessica and I am 7 and I want Crayola to let me recycle my felt tip pens in the UK, like they do in America. I really love using Crayola pens but I don’t want to now that I know the impact on the environment. 

I care about the environment because we live here and if we wreck it, we won’t get a second chance. My school is brilliant and really cares about the environment because they took us to the Climate Change March in London last week. They also do an after school Climate Change club and we get to do fun things like tell teachers off for not turning off the lights.

I think if everyone tries to do something little, we can make a better world for us to live in.

Please Crayola will you introduce a pen recycling scheme in the UK, like you have in America. Then we can carry on colouring in without feeling guilty!