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Horrific news - 40 rotting dogs found in plastic bags, some still alive

Action Aid for Animals

Jun 6, 2013 — 6th June 2013 - 20 seconds ago I was on the phone to oana, she had a report of dogs dying in the old Craiova shelter, the press also turned up. There were 40 dogs there in bags, in one bag a puppy dying of parvo was still alive screeching in agony. I know because Oana was in tears on the phone on the way to the vet the police went with her there brought out the pup to her, I am in tears as I write this, I could hear the pup screeching...I will update the red alert. Please guys we need your help. We have to get the authorities to let the NGO in to treat those dogs ..tied up in plastic bags some dead some not...


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