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Girls be aware that 99% of guys on CRAIGSLIST who ask for your nude/topless/bikini pictures are NOT actually looking to hire. They are just pretending to have high paying gigs in order to get your pics for their personal use and sometimes even post them on porn sites. Do not be naive because your body type and measurements can clearly be seen in the pics where you wear tight clothing so there is absolutely no need to send topless/nude/bikini pics. You can also tell a guy that you will send him a monk picture (which is a pic of another girl from the internet with the body type similar to yours). Finally, for those of you who feel that you absolutely must send sexual pics, here is what you can do: take the images that you wanna send without your face being on them. Then crop these pics to make them smaller (much smaller) in size but still visible. Save cropped images on your desktop. Then, instead of attaching them to your email, copy/paste these photos directly into the body of your email (this can be achieved by opening the image, right click it and choose the option "copy image"). Yes, a guy will still be able to add your pics into his collection. However, he probably won't due to the fact that the images are too small and cannot be saved easily (as opposed to the pics that were sent as attachments). If none of those options work for a guy who offers a gig that means he is a picture collector, i guarantee you 200%. I constantly get this ad flagged, so you can imagine how many of them are here. Ladies, I encourage you to flag any ad that requires bikini pics because those low men are taking advantage of the girls who are struggling to make money. Some of them will ask you: "Why would i need to collect pics from CL if there are bunch of pretty naked girls online?" Don't fall for that! The answer is they want to have their OWN PRIVATE collection of pics that no one else has. For those of you who do end up finding a leggit gig, make sure you check the room around for hidden cameras before you get down to business. "Hidden homemade porn" is very common these days as guys save tons of money these way by not paying to actresses for adult videos (which is a minimum of 500$ per scene).

PS also, be aware of the fact that many of these low life guys pretend to be girls/girlfriends "who are looking to hire girls for their boyfriend's birthday".