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STOP Brokers From Taking Advantage Of Renters On Craigslist

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Brokers need to get off of Craigslist and go back to MLS where they belong. NY is the only state where the TENANT is expected to pay the brokers fee. Why? Because brokers have figured out that they can get more properties if they charge the renter. The renter has no alternative but to pay it if they want a place to live but oftentimes with all of the usual fees in addition to the brokers fee which is the cost of one months rent, the renter simply can't afford it.

The only alternative was to search for apartments for rent by owner on craigslist which is where many have been able to successfully find a place to live without going broke...But brokers have gotten greedy and despite having their designated websites to list both personal and MLS, they've now infiltrated craigslist as well.

-They troll the 'by owner' section and swarm these property owners like bees the moment they post their listing in an attempt to convince owners to allow them to handle their listing for them.

-They post ads in the rentals section which is allocated for apartments/houses for rent to advertise their services to property owners, promising to 'take the stress out' of the rental process.

Having dealt with several of these brokers I've learned that they do nothing to earn their extortionate fees. No background checks are performed as they promise the owner and they ask the tenant to bring a copy of their credit report despite this being a service in which the broker is paid to perform themselves (via the expected brokers fee). The only purpose they serve is to stand between the renter and the property so they can take their fee.

They're taking more and more affordable listings away from renters and leaving us honest renters broke or forced to stay where we are. At this point, There's not much difference between the cost of moving in to a broker listed property and down payment on a house and lets face it, if we could afford to buy a house we wouldn't be renting in the first place. This is New York, life isn't cheap here. We can't have the one place, Craigslist where hardworking people stand a solid chance to actually find a decent home without going broke taken away from us by greedy brokers. So lets get them off of Criagslist once and for all and send them back to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) where they belong!

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