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Craigslist - Remove Categories of Pet Adoptions, 'Free to Good Home Ads', & Pet Sales!

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Most animals do not end up in a good way from "free to good home" ads.
We now have proof that wolf trappers are using puppies, they obtained for free from Craigslist, to bait wolf traps. Trappers know that wolves are hard to hunt as they are highly intelligent, allusive, and with very keen senses. Trappers also know that adult wolves have an innate instinct to rescue pups and cannot resist the cries of a puppy in distress.    These wolf trappers have said "to keep the puppies crying and in distress", some have actually nailed the pup's paws to the tree closest to the trap. Can you even imagine this kind of brutality and cruelty -- no, of course you cannot, but we have the proof.   In addition, other testimonials have come forward about a snake owner gathering kittens from Craigslist, to feed them to his snake.  In addition, many, many "free" animals end up as live "bait" for dog fighting as well.    More often than not, these 'free' animals end up in the hands of sadistic people who want them for a twisted agenda.  The gamble is too big to take -- you are gambling with living, feeling beings. Humans cannot be trusted to have good intentions with these 'for free' animals.  One animal abused or neglected is one too many, and it is the rare animal who finds a good and permanent home through these ads.  Perpetrators scan these ads and know how to deceive the public.  Of all the things for sale and for free on Craigslist --- living things should not be among them!

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