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CRAIGSLIST REGARDING PET 'ADOPTION': 'ADOPTIONS' w/over $100 fee include RESCUE GROUP'S name/ non-profit ID#

PROMOTING THE SALE OF LIVING CREATURES AIDS AND ABETS AND KEEPS SHELTERS FULL OF DYING ANIMALS--help stop the unnecessary breeding tell Craigslist it is helping in SELLING not promoting a CARING PLANET--enough overcrowded shelters! If Craigslist had with every posted ADOPTION that asks for an adoption fee over $100 a reference to the name of the Non-Profit and their  non-profit ID#-ONLY ALLOWING OFFICIAL NON-PROFITS TO ASK HIGH FEES over $100--then each individual non-profits could check daily with a keyword search to know if anyone is posing as them and police this matter themselves---WE ALL MUST DO WHAT WE CAN TO STOP THE IRRESPONSIBLE BREEDING.     CRAIGSLIST NEEDS TO REQUIRE ANY 'ADOPTION' AD WITH A FEE TO HAVE A CROSS REFERENCE OF THE NAME OF THEIR NON-PROFIT AFFILIATION with their ID #. 
An end to puppy mills and at home breeding to simply sell litters of pups etc-- ex: there are countless people who  buy shih-tzus and keep the female pregnant all her life churning out puppies they post with the help of CRAIGSLIST --your voice can help stop this vulgar inhumane act. SPEAK UP! ACT UP! write CRAIGSLIST ON YOUR OWN AS WELL AS ADDING YOUR NAME TO THIS PETITION--include the link to this petition--START WITH THE LINE: I am writing you in concern for how you conduct business under the guise of community and I am not alone. CRAIGSLIST is aiding and abetting--it is a crime against our community that shelters are fuller because CRAIGSLIST promotes the sale of animals in the name of 'ADOPTION"

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