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This petition is to make Craigslist change it's current policy regarding the selling of dogs and other animals online. Too many people are using this website to flip dogs for profit and commit fraudulant acts to both sellers and buyers of these animals. The deception and deceit is rooted in the premise of making a quick buck at the animal's expense. The marginal care and attention given to these animals while waiting to be flipped is deplorable if not criminal. The purpose of this petition is to get Craigslist to monitor the posts by dog flippers more closely and flag them as such or permanently ban any and all sellers who abuse the website's good faith policies concerning fraud dealing with this issue. Ideally we would like to have Craigslist remove the selling of any and all animals altogether to deny dog flippers a valuable avenue for the resale of dogs for profit. But let's make our stand here. To find out more about dog flipping go to or Citizens Against Flipping Dogs on to join our group.

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