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Bacon... and Sausages .. Bunnings will never be the same.

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With all this talk about VEGAN snags at Bunnings Sausage sizzles, we felt it was warranted to make our point clear... its seems that if Josh Huggett, a 'protester' from South Australia, gets his way and forces the hardware giant to ditch the traditional meat snag for a vegan alternative. Aussie BUNNINGS Sausage SIZZLES will never be the same again, and we wont be able to get a good old meat snag ! 

DUDE Seriously... go ask the community organisation simply using the space, customer base and frontage, for a bit of consideration and offer some VEGAN surprises in a pigs intestine, all you want... stop trying to take away our choices to bloke. ( the community organisation will suffer for your social media bashing of BUNNINGS, cos BUNNINGS will put it in the TOO hard basket and just stop them being able to do it)  NICE WORK ! NOT !

What if  WE WANT... the pig gods of SUS to shower us in love.... lets go beyond the plain old SNAG. Lets go with BACON WRAPPED SAUSAGES....... ! Give us BEEF Snag's WRAPPED in Bacon.... Pork SNAGS WRAPPED in Bacon... Give us CHICKEN Snags wrapped in Bacon..... JUST GIVE US BACON >...... We will give you the 2 Bucks .... Keep the SNAG.... chuck us the BACON with.... Onion.. Sauce and Bread... we will be Happy ...... !!! Add a Snag... of any meat persuasion will just top off the perfect Sunday trip to home improvement Mecca's anyway's ! oh and a can of choke for under $2 ... !!!  

Help us out... SIGN this petition on the inter web thingamewhatsadoovey so we all know you love a GOOD SNAG, let alone a good SNAG wrapped in heavenly bacon.. !! WE will pass in onto to Bunnings so they know not to condemn the poor community organisations doing a good deed. And maybe old Josh over there can use his words and ask them to INCLUDE vegan snags rather than delete the good old humble meat SNAG we all love. ! With BACON ! Let the sales of the VEGAN Snag determine the outcome Josh... 

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