Craigieburn Primary school in general and Casual wear to Grade 6 Graduation

Craigieburn Primary school in general and Casual wear to Grade 6 Graduation

10 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amber Godwill

My name is Amber Godwill, my son Lincoln Godwill is in Grade 6 at Craigieburn Primary School and is due to graduate in December. 

Im petitioning to let the children wear free dress (casual wear) to their Grade 6 Graduation as their peers have done so in the past and as I did when I attended primary school. 

Craigieburn Primary School is NOT a private school and there is no reason for the children to be dressed in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM to be able to graduate. 
I’m also saddened by the allowance of only 2 people per family being able to attend as it’s such a significant event for the children and families. So I’m petitioning against this as well to enable more family to be able to attend the event. 
The grade 6 children at grad this year will also not have dinner like there peers have done so in the years before them, so why are the parents having to pay $20 for entry to watch our children graduate? 

Given the past 2 years and what our children were put through with COVID and homeschooling  I do not understand the need for all the irrelevant changes being made. 

Please help me, to help our children 

The whole school in general after Bernadette Pizzaro has taken over as principal has gone down hill and we request the department intervene and do a full internal audit of business and processes in place. I have emailed a detailed outline to the department in relation to all of my concerns and some that have been brought to my attention by other parents.

Does your child have EAL (English as an additional language) as part of their curriculum?  You might be interested to know that funding for this program is being received however no programs are currently running for these students. Bernadette Pizzaro has shut down this program as well as the little learners program (oral language program). Funding being received no classes are running. 

Building and maintenance issues, students have been required to move classrooms as there’s been leaking lights, and no adequate heating available. 
Locks removed from canteen because it’s a safety issue although students were able to access the canteen after this occurred. It’s not sure if they were able to get into anything at all but this is concerning. 
Old WHOLE school photographs have been removed from the office walls, and for what purpose? 
No teachers to teach the specialist programs listed as curriculum on the school website as they’ve all left. 

On occasion there has been NO qualified forat aid staff on the school site 

ES Staff being made to leave their positions to fill in, in the front office (this is not what they’re paid for) 

the principal rarely on-site at school or leaving early 

Where have all the terrific staff that made Craigieburn primary school a fun place gone? Why did they have to quit? How many more are going to leave? 

Please send this link to as many people as possible to have our voices heard and the department to step in and do something before Craigieburn Primary School is completely run into the ground. 

Many thanks for your time and I hope to have your support for our kids and those who will continue in years to come  ☺️

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Signatures: 247Next goal: 500
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