Rename Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin Crash!

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This is not good news or behavior for Bitcoin Cash. Taking the network hash rate and killing off a competing cryptocurrency should not be supported by anybody who values decentralization. It is almost identical to an antitrust case in the business world where a certain entity has a monopoly and is estopped from a specific activity. There are no such laws and regulations in the cryptocurrency industry, and BCH ABC could be strangled before its time. The only way to prevent this kind of behavior is a financial vote of usage; stop using a cryptocurrency that espouses this type of action. These activities simply pave the way for a centralized world built on cryptocurrency instead of a centralized world built on fiat. In the BCH world, large mining companies and political figures are dictating where the network is going to go.

Ultimately, a cryptocurrency is as strong as its principals upon which it is built and the cohesion of the underlying community. Bitcoin Cash is likely going to keep on fragmenting due to the attitudes of the community, as represented by the two figureheads. The aggressive and confrontational attitudes of both Roger Ver and Craig Wright seem much more conducive to centralized dictatorships than decentralized problem-solving.

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Artur Alekseev

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