Name change of C. O'Neill's Fantasy Football Team

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Before we embark on the ensuing battle for the 2018 championship of the heralded Goin' Balls Deep Fantasy Football league, we must tackle an issue at hand. It has been levied amongst the masses, and they agree, that the current name of the team is offensive.

"I Don't Shake Hands After The Game" is errant and deceptive in nature. It borders on the profane!! Its mere meaning is nonsensical at best since we all know that it would be impossible. But if that was not reason enough, the mere fact that, without a doubt, it exceeds all allowable characters on EVERY platform should be!!!

Its is time that we band together, united against this tyranny. With our focus and our belief for a brighter future for Goin' Balls Deep, I implore you, Sign this petition!!!


In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti!