to enact an act ; "Political Entitlement Reform Act 2018"

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Australia has a problem, its called Government, and in particular politicians who constantly misuse the public coffers, continually benefiting themselves with lavish expenses for things most celebrities don't afford themselves, they continually change laws to protect or indemnify themselves by creating laws which make them untouchable by other laws every other Australian is bound by. Its time this stops and is changed. 

Here's how to fix it in 5 minutes and 9 easy steps:

to create a new act > Political Entitlement Reform Act 2018 

1. anytime there is a budget deficit of more than 3% GDP all sitting politicians are ineligible for ANY re-election. 

2. No Tenure > No pension. A politician collects a salary while in office ONLY, receives NO payment of ANY kind once out of office.

3. All politicians (past, present, future) participate in the Social Security System (same system as any other Australian) > all funds in current political retirement fund moved to Social Security System immediately, all future fund flow into Social Security System, funds may NOT be used for any other purpose, ALL politicians MUST participate in this with the Australian people or be expelled from political life immediately. 

4. Politicians can purchase their own retirement plan just like every other Australian.

5. Politicians lose their current health care system and MUST participate in the health care system provided for every other Australian citizen. 

6. Politicians (local, state, federal) may NO longer vote themselves ANY pay increase/s > all future pay increases must be by the lowest CPI index increase imposed any other Australian worker. OR no greater than 3 %. 

7. Politicians (local, state, federal) MUST abide by ANY laws imposed on any other person (citizen or visitor) > politicians may NEVER make or create ANY law that contradicts any law imposed on any person (citizen or visitor) or indemnifies them from ANY Law > at NO point in the future may any political party, politician or government create any law which excludes them from punishment or conviction of ANY criminal offence imposed on any other person, nor make any law which prevents them from having their political position terminated as a result of any breach of laws or rules. ANY past or current laws protecting or indemnifying them from any law imposed on any other person will be repealed immediately.

8. Citizens of Australia MUST remain the legislators as a whole therefore any contracts made with past or present politicians will be terminated immediately. > Once a politician has served his/her term, they are to return to the workforce as any other citizen would or go home. > Any contracts made for the use or management of a public resource as set out in the Constitution will be terminated immediately and returned to public property. > a politician may NOT obtain any other government tenured position unless that person meets the requirements for that position as any other citizen would, any role considered of a political nature will also be bound by this act, any position of this nature will be reverted to AEC enrolled voter vote only. No politician will be appointed any position by ANY other politician without voter approval. > No person who is related, spouse, partner (including casual & permanent relationships) may be employed in a government role by any politician without voter approval with all positions open to any other Australian citizen. 

9. Politicians entitlement for travel must be restricted to official business ONLY, attending any event under invitation such as parties, sporting events, charity events or as a guest is NOT a claimable political entitlement, all politicians must cover this and any cost associated themselves. > the use of private aircraft, or vehicle be hired and paid for under the political entitlement scheme is not allowed, politicians may engage hire at their own expense > any FAMILY travel is not allowed under political entitlement scheme, wether domestic or international, any travel with family members of any kind will be deemed personal travel and politicians must pay this expense themselves, if any part of a trip where family member are present is considered "Official" business, the politician must not claim ANY expense for that entire trip.> at NO point is it acceptable to have a partner, spouse, relative, child or any person accompany them who is not a government offical at ANY offical engagement, event or meeting.

The entire political entitlement scheme will need a complete overhaul and should include such items like OFFICE FIT OUTS, which cannot be done anytime within a period in line with terms of office or no less than 5 years.. If an outgoing politician holds a lease for an office for offical business purpose, then the incoming politician will be expected to continue using that office for the purpose of community presence and familiarity, it does NOT require an office fit out just because it has been used previously. All office fit out are to be kept to a minimum and no greater than an agreed figure to be set out. It is NOT acceptable for incoming (new) politicians to obtain a new office just to ensure an office refit.