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Get traffic lights on Heathcote Road and Voyager Point Intersection. People are dying.

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The Voyager Point and Heathcote Road intersection is a dangerous one. I remember an aunty who used to take care of us after school was involved in a heavy collision from an incoming vehicle. My brother himself has been involved in a (thankfully) small collision too, and I know countless others in our street alone are suffering. Most weekends you'll see people exchanging details at the front of the suburb. The same goes for the Pleasure point and Sandy Point (further up along Heathcote road).

Late on the 2/8/17, a mother and her young daughter were taken away from her family in a heavy collision. There have been fatal collisions here in the past. The fact of the matter is that cars can be completely invisible to a driver turning right or left onto Heathcote road, as drivers in the incoming, turning lane of the suburb will completely hide traffic behind them.

This issue was 'resolved' for Sandy Point. They had an extra turning lane installed not even a few months ago. Residents and common travelers highly doubt this has improved much though. 

Recently, Voyager Point almost doubled in size in terms of residents. We already outnumbered the residents of Sandy Point. And considering that it's on a straight stretch of road, in an 80km/h zone, and the numerous accidents that have occurred in this area, something needs to be done. The same conditions exist for Pleasure Point too. 

We need either traffic lights or a roundabout put in urgently. Even a mirror showing incoming traffic clearly, or a sign to watch out will save lives. People are dying, and it's not safe, and not fair. Melanie Gibbons, you've stated that work will be commenced regarding theses issues soon. We're yet to see proof of that beyond a minor improvements. Residents cannot wait this long for improvements. People are literally dying in the meantime.

Please respond.

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