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Petitioning Minister for Tertiary Education Craig Emerson

Craig Emerson, Minister for Higher Education: Withdraw the announced $2.3 billion cuts to the higher education

The Australian Government announced on Saturday the 13th of April that they intend to but 2.3 billion dollars from higher education funding in the next budget.

Even more ridiculously, it has been suggested that the purpose behind the cuts is to free up funding for education. The idea that (completely necessary) reforms in primary and secondary education should be paid for by cutting higher education is laughable, and shows a lack of commitment to investing in the future of Australia from the government.

Among the cuts is the proposal that students who receive a Startup scholarship should begin to pay it back following the completion of their studies, an idea that means the students who need to rely on government support for a chance to study are left with an even higher debt once they finish.

Sign to show this government that more, not less, funding for education in ALL areas is what is needed. Show them that Australia's future is not an optional investment and that it is not okay to limit opportunities for education.

Letter to
Minister for Tertiary Education Craig Emerson
The idea of cutting university funding to support the Gonski reforms is ridiculous. Educational funding is completely necessary, for all sectors. To take money from one area of the educational system in order to support another shows a disheartening unwillingness to invest in the future of Australia as a country.

I sincerely hope you reverse the proposed cuts and decide to show some sorely needed support to education across all sectors in Australia.

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