Get Mike and Polt married in Monmusu

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Mike is a god of fitness and anime. Such a perfect man must be immortalized forever with the love of his life, Polt the Kobold. The best way to do this, besides having the japanese government legally marry them, would be to make their marriage in manga. This has many positive effects:

1- Reward the perfection that is Mike

2- Immortalize the ideal relationship in the eternal world of 2D

3- Allow the fans to build a shrine in Mike's honor

4- Pave the way for all of us who have seen the light to be with our waifus

5- Elevate the human race into a 2D race

6- Turn everyone immortal

7- Conquer the Universe

So please Mr. Krabs, let Mike be with his love. Not only for him but for us all

Sincerely, Humanity

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