HELP US MAKE A CHANGE & Improve the stats of fatherless young men in Australia

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Hey guys, I have had this passion on my heart for a long time now (years) and just haven’t really had the time to achieve it.
I am currently in the very early stages or starting up a future Community Support Service in the South East of Melbourne.
I lost my father when I was 9yrs old and my parents we separated since I was 2. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one here that has grown up fatherless and I’m sure you all that have been through this know the struggles of growing up without a dad / father figure especially for a boy growing up with our a dad.

So I am dedicating 2018 to making this thought, passion and need a reality!!
I’m hoping to arrange a time with someone this week to work Out how to start this community network called Lads with No Dads.
As we have seen of late there has been a massive increase in youth crime, As majority of kids in juvenile detention are from fatherless Homes and that creating a return effect to the adult prison system when they turn of age.
I’m hoping to create a space for these guys to come and get advise or just to discuss the issues of a male growing up and don’t have that male father figure in their lives.
Also an advocacy service for these guys if they do get caught up with the law to give them someone to call that’s not their mum.
I am hoping to make this a Safe Place for them to Come and just chat about issues they might be facing, the struggles of maybe going through puberty and and the raging hormones and not knowing how to handle them or just simply helping them with resumes and making a change.
Would love to hear your thoughts
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