A Secondary School in Burnside Heights / Feeder School for Kororoit Creek Families

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We require the Local and State Governments to utilise the vacant land within the Burnside Heights community to build an IB Feeder Secondary School for Kororoit Creek families.

Currently within our zone we do not have a year 7-12 Public Secondary School. The schools that surround us are

-       Private education

-       Catholic education

-       P-9 College

-       10-12 College

However, these aren’t really options for a lot of families, Private schools are economically out of reach for vast majority of families and their wait list can last years. Catholic schools are practically out of reach as not all families are religious and they themselves are a feeder school for their primary counterparts.

This leaves some of our families left with the option of P-9 whilst the rest of the Melton Shire are zoned to Copperfield College, again another 7-10 school. The only 7-12 school in Plumpton is unattainable for our community.

With continual young family growth in our area, families are concerned for their children with the need of a high school. Our infrastructure spend recently on the expansion of CS Square and new recreational facilities have been much needed, HOWEVER, what about our children’s educational needs.

Our school at Kororoit Creek Primary is an IB World Learning School, we have over 200 children per year level. When our children go onto high school the nearest IB high school is Werribee and they become separated after grade 6. This really infringes on our sense of community.

We as a community feel it is important that the standards set in our IB Primary School be continued through to high school within our zone.

Thank you for your support of this petition. Please talk to your friends and neighbours, we need this to be talked about and at the front of everyone’s mind.

We need this in our community.