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50.000 bees dead! Bring Woollahra council to justice!!

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We demand justice for 50.000 bees killed unnecessary by the Woollahra Municipal Council.

We demand a public apology by the Woollarah Council's Councillors responsible for this act.

We demand that the council develops, introduces and funds a 'Bee Conservation Project', to be added to its existing Environment and Sustainability Program.


- Limit the poisoning of pollinators in the municipality through chemical usage (fungicides, insecticides  fertilisers, ...). Introduction and use of more environmental and safe alternatives.

- Put strict regulations in place regarding the removal of bee hives. The destruction of a bee hive should only happen when absolutely! neccessary, after consulting with a bee expert.

- Inform and raise awareness within Woollahra's community, including schools, clubs and individuals, about the importance of bees for the eco system, the impact of chemical usage on the bees population and ways to protect bees. 

On the 9th Feb 2018 Woollahra Council made the decision to kill a hive of 50.000!!!! European bees. The decision was made on the recommendation of pest control. Supposedly the hive was infected with a beetle larvae and therefore could not be relocated. Previously the council had called one! Bee Removal specialist, but as they did not receive a call back, they went straight to Pest Control. Expert bee keepers say there are natural ways to address the problem of beetle larvae infestation. The beehive could have been safed!!

This act is outrageous! We all know how important bees are to the ecosystem and we also know that we are facing a drastic continous reduction of bee colonies worldwide. Every bee counts! And Woollahra Municipal Council just kills 50.000 because they did not get a call back!!

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