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Reduce the speed limit along Mons Rd, Buderim

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Dear Mayor Jamieson,

We, the residents of Mons Rd, Buderim, and the greater Sunshine Coast region request that the speed limit be reduced along Mons Rd.

On Saturday 31st January, a 34 year old man lost his life after losing control of his car and crashing into a power pole. I was at the scene of the accident and gave first aid to the driver until paramedics arrived, so I experienced the impact of this accident first hand. Speed was a factor in this accident, and on any day or night you can hear vehicles speeding past my house. The speed limit at the crash scene is 60 km/h. Where my house is located, 262m further down the road, it is in a 70 km/h zone, and there are issues for myself, my neighbours, and people in the adjoining cross street, Edwin Rd, trying to safely get in and out of our driveways, and onto Mons Rd on a daily basis, due to people speeding along the road. It is single lane, and therefore traffic is not able to overtake safely. It doesn't need to be 70 km/h. Just after Edwin Rd, 150m further, the speed limit changes again to 80 km/h. Further down, despite there being quite a sharp bend in the road, it's still this speed. Another car accident happened in 2013 when a group of teenagers lost control and went over the edge. Luckily no one died. 

I implore with you that you review the speed limit along Mons Rd, insert necessary and practical safety measures such as traffic islands, and also place necessary signs on the road bends telling drivers to slow down and use an appropriate speed. 

I do not want to have to attend another car accident along my road, or have one whilst I am entering/leaving my driveway due to something that could easily have been prevented. 

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Sharpe

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