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Currumbin Valley, a critical corridor for state and local significant fauna and flora, renowned for it's beauty, eco friendly and healthy lifestyle, is now under threat. A 41m 5G multi antenna tower is about to change our lives. 5G is used as an assault frequency, you can not turn this off.
- Visual and frequency impact - at 41m the tower will be 25m above the 16m tree line on the ridge.

- Health - 5G has an extremely wide radio frequency, different to 3G and 4G - Federal Communications Commission (the US government that regulates spectrum frequency) Chairman, Tom Wheeler said “if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5G is going to become, run the other way.”

-Currently you can turn off your wifi and your phone, however with 5G you have no control over that. You can’t escape it, it can’t be turned off.

- W.H.O. “describes the current research as having gaps in knowledge about biological effects and recommends more research.”

- Unknown health effects of EME, EMF of 5G as yet, however laboratory rats died from internal haemorrhaging in scientific research, testing 5G.

- 5G tower is currently only being tested….that means that you and I are now lab rats.

- Environment - destruction of local Koala habitat.

- Unknown effect of extremely high radio frequency on the water reservoir. The proposed site for the tower is immediately adjacent to the reservoir.

- This is not the end to the increase in radio frequency activity it is only the beginning, as future co-location is a certainty.

- 5G requires complicated infrastructure including boosters placed on street lamps and/or existing structures every 500 or so metres.

- Rate payers land is being used for this development.

We have a chance to stop this tower happening, but we need your immediate action. We are holding a PUBLIC MEETING 13th April 9.30 on the Village green at the Currumbin Eco Village, 639 Currumbin Creek rd access via bridge from Currumbin Creek Rd.
Please share this with everyone you know, We have only a minimal amount of time left to influence Council decision.

Many people are unaware of the 5G tower proposed for 466 Tullubudgera connection road, Plan no. 225139 . The reason for the lack of public awareness is that the 2 notification signs were placed in dangerous positions for public access.

We have a chance to stop this tower happening, but we need your immediate action.
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE this with everyone you know.