Install Cameras in Reedy Creek and reduce the risk of a road fatality.

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The Observatory at Reedy Creek has been a peaceful neighbourhood for over 10 years. Unfortunately, the area has recently become a racetrack for hoons, who are endangering the lives of the locals, not to mention their own lives. Whenever the roads are wet, they come without fail. As recently as the Easter weekend, it was reported a male resident was set upon and assaulted when he tried to capture footage to show the police. One young mother was in the car driving home and couldn't get through her local roundabout as they wouldn't give way to her. She had her young children in the car and was terrified. Numerous reports have been filed with local police and the hoon hotline, however no action has been taken. We need cameras installed so the police can act on clear evidence and eradicate the problem. We don't want someone to die before any action is taken.