Cheap Cat and Dog Desexing in Gympie

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This is petition is the Gympie Council area. At the moment the council only works with RSPCA for desexing. This is only for a short time each year and only offers a 20% discount. At the moment Central Highland Council offer desexing $55 for females cats and $35 for each female after that and $35 for male cats. Dog desexing is $50 to $80 depending on size. Microchipping is available for an additional $5 with desexing. We need Gympie Council to come under National Desexing Network and and do the same so that makes it affordable for everyone.

"I know how much effort, time and expense and study that goes into turning a person who loves animals into a Veterinary Surgeon and they have the overhead of keeping up a Practice but gee it would be terrific if somehow we could get inexpensive desexing of dogs and cats. They make up such a big part of our lives and I know that there are those who say..if you can't afford to purchase a dog or cat and have all the needles, desexing and registrations required, you shouldn't have one...but there are also those in our community who CAN afford to feed their cat or dog each week along with buying their groceries BUT it is the BIG bills like neutering and speying that hit lower income families hard. There are people missing out on having the comfort of a pet in their lives and animals missing out on having a good home with people who love them. " Coralie Clune

All councils spend a lot on animal management within the pound system. Another reason for them to fund this is the outlay will reduce their costs in the end. They have no argument as to why it would not be worth the money spent. If you can to help further our cause please write a letter to council to let the know we want cheaper desexing. Their email address is

Please sign and share this petition and make our council introduce affordable desexing for our pets. This petition when it has enough signatures will go to

Cr Dan Stewart
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