Petition Closed

Vu Ho, a Vietnamese migrant is taking his fight to keep his pet sheep Baa to the highest court in Victoria. Mr Ho, originally a refugee, speaks limited English and has been representing himself in the Supreme Court of Appeal. Mr Ho has had Baa for over 11 years and cannot bear to be parted from his beloved pet - he is facing legal costs of more than $150,000 but he is still not giving up on Baa!

We need to petition the City of Dandenong to allow Mr Ho to keep his pet - Baa is not being used or treated as a farm animal and should not be deemed as such.

We need to get behind and support Mr Ho and Baa, just like we rallied to save Kerser and Rocket from BSL - we need the voice of every single pet owner, whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, ferret etc - all pet owners would understand the fear, worry and stress that Mr Ho is currently suffering. Please get together and say keep Baa in his rightful home!

Letter to
City of Greater Dandenong Cr Angela Long
City of Greater Dandenong Cr Sean O'Reilly
Let Vu Ho keep his beloved pet sheep, Baa!

In Australia we all have privilege of owning a pet. Australians love their pets and pets are often treated as part of the family. Mr Ho has had Baa for over 11 years - to force them to part now would be cruel and unnecessary, as Baa has never been a threat to the community and is a gentle and loving creature. Baa is not being used or treated as a farm animal, he is a household pet and in fact, has brought much positive attention to Springvale, as people know that's where Baa lives. If Mr Ho is forced to remove Baa from his home, then this would bring a lot of negative scrutiny to the City of Greater Dandenong. Baa has not committed any offence or hurt anyone and is a very well cared for pet - thus the reasons for letting Baa stay at home with his loving family far outweigh any reason for his removal. It would be completely un-Australian to force Mr Ho to give Baa up - the heartache and stress this would cause to both Mr Ho's family as well as Baa is beyond justification. Have a heart, City of Dandenong and let Mr Ho keep Baa at home!