We want justice for Sarah Jane Williams who was left to die sedated in a fire in hospital

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My sister was beaten up in hospital July 2015 by two members of staff. She died in the fire that December 2015 after our complaints were ignored. She was left heavily sedated on her bed. To date we are still waiting for answers. Non disclosure of evidence by the NHS Trust, The CQC , The fire services who all have top London Lawyers fighting for them and hiding or ignoring evidence.

They have even blocked our own experts which we are entitled to under new guidelines.

Our own solicitors are finding more evidence against them and further non disclosure and cover ups.

During the attack my sister was dragged by her legs across the floor, and agressivly attack untill she was left battered and bruised, her only crime was to keep hold of  her bottle of Coca-Cola a nurse had tried  to take away from her by force, which which was ruled as unecesary to provoke and antagnise the situation as there was no rule for this at that time. This led to the 'big boys being called ' the security staff in white coats and what followed was an agressive violent attack on a vulnerable patient (my sister sarah). She was left in agony without any after care or post restraint check ups. It could have killed her, they then left her battered and bruised and in a vulnerable state of mind as her mental health further deteriated. No help was given to address this agony and injustice she had suffered.

We her family took a stand although terrified she feared for her life, with photographic evidence we complained in August with a written complaint.

Traggicaly Since this complaint was put in our worst fears came true my sister died in a fire at the hospital whilst she was very heavily sedated on her bed.

Police say they are not treating as suspicious but now my sister has been silenced forever but I won't give up fighting for her. As her family we want justice served on whoever was responsible for doing this.

There were witnesses but the patients are too scared as it could easily have been them next. It's so far being pushed aside as under investigation once again and the two people who did this are still working at the hospital with mental illness vulnerable patients. This we were told in person that they were allowed to leave and go elsewhere without action being taken or any accountability to stop this ever happening again. 

Please support this so these bullys can be struck off from ever working with vulnerable people. It's too late now for my sister but we will not give up untill justice is served and no body has to go through what we have endured as a family. 

We need those responsible for all failings held to account and prosecuted. My sister will not  have an inquest until this happens.