Get this charge changed!!

Get this charge changed!!

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Started by Candice Carpenter

On 21st February 2022 my 12 year old daughter was viciously attacked by an adult outside her school. After years on abuse from this adult she finally beat her black and blue leaving her with a minor brain injury. During this attack her mother drove her to the school while both the mother and the attackers children watched on from the car. 

the attacker was charged with common assault as a result and this petition is to get that changed. 

Not only should the charge be changed as she is a minor, but child neglect and abuse along with violence and domestic abuse in front of their children should be addressed

if I had hit my child the way she hit my daughter my children would be removed from my care immediately. 

please sign this petition for this to be appealed and amended. 

thank you




337 have signed. Let’s get to 500!