Remove Linda Menk from Coweta County Board of Education

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For over 200 years, our Capitol building has stood as a symbol of our nation—a nation of values and laws. On Wednesday, January 6th,  2021 we witnessed one of the darkest days in the history of our representative democracy as a violent mob overran and desecrated our Capitol building.

We teach our children about this institution and the values that it represents every day in the history and civics classrooms across America and here in Coweta County.  On this date, we saw a mob of fellow American’s storm the Capitol Building in an attempt to thwart these very ideals that our education system professes to our children.

As Americans, it is time that we take a stand across the country and within our community to ensure that this act of violence that has resulted in multiple deaths, many more wounded, and our nation scared is condemned to the highest degree. Anyone who attended this event or aided in this despicable act does not deserve the right to continue to call themselves American, much less continue to participate in our democratic process by holding office.

On January 6, Ms. Linda Menk, a Member of the Coweta County Board of Education, was in attendance at the Pro-Trump rally in Washington DC, which ultimately turned into an insurrectionist mob storming the Capitol Building. In addition to attending the protest, which, although questionable given her place on the Board of Education is within her rights as a citizen, she was also amid the people that stormed Capitol Hill and stood on the steps as one of the most sacred buildings in our republic were desecrated. This is according to a post obtained from her personal Facebook page.

As a member of the Coweta County Board of Education, she is not only entrusted with the education of our children, but also expected to be a pillar of the community as well to uphold the values of the education system she helps oversee.  As a community, we feel that she does not represent the values of this body, our community, or our democracy.

It is for this that we at Citizens for Positive Reform Taskforce and the community at large demand for the immediate removal of Coweta County School Board Member Linda Menk. We also expect the School Board’s full cooperation with any law enforcement agencies shall it be needed to investigate further Ms. Menk’s seditious acts or the despicable attack on our democracy.