Women Work Too! Establish work release for men AND women in the Coweta Judicial Circuit

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As a criminal defense attorney with history practicing in the Coweta Judicial Circuit, I take pride in contributing to the fair and equal treatment of all my clients before, during, and after the prosecution process.  I would like to shed light on the issue of a non-existent work release program for females.  While female individuals make up only a small percentage of the incarcerated population here in the Coweta Circuit, they should not go unnoticed or underpresented.  As the sentencing process currently stands, female inmates are not allowed the same opportunity to enter the work release program as are their male counterparts.

A male defendant can enter the program in order to continue to provide for his family, maintain a job, and take care of other financial responsibilities. However,  female defendants are not given the same chance to provide, let alone survive. Women lose their job, homes, families, and much more with this antiquated and sexist view of who should be allowed the opportunity of work release.

I am creating this petition now because this issue has been weighing heavily on my conscience.  The injustice that is portrayed here goes against my moral fiber as not only an attorney, but as a Judge who presides over the City of Newnan Municipal Court as well.

It is my goal to generate awareness about this inequality in our local justice system and I need your help!  I am asking you for a simple signature. A signature that could be the difference between a single mother being able to provide for her children while incarcerated or having that child taken into state custody. A signature that could mean a woman has a home when she’s done serving her time instead of being homeless. A signature that could change a woman who has been prosecuted and incarcerated in the Coweta County Judicial Circuit’s life for the better.

Please, contact the Coweta County Board of Commissioners (http://www.coweta.ga.us/government/departments-a-e/board-of-commissioners and let them hear your voice on this matter! A letter or a phonecall could make a change and change a life!

Thank you,

Rufus Smith, Jr.