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PA 160051: Cowan Heights Project Opposition

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 November 15, 2016

Kevin Shannon
OC Development Services
300 N. Flower Street

Santa Ana, CA 92702-4048


 Re: PA 160051 – Cowan Heights Residential Project Development Project – EIR Scoping Comments

Dear Kevin:

 Having only recently learned of PA 160051, we are in strong opposition to this project as currently proposed.  Based on review of the Initial Study, we have important comments and topics to be analyzed in the EIR:

 The proposed project resides within the AR-20000 Zoning District; this District requires lot size of 20,000 s.f.  The proposed project consists of lot sizes less than half this requirement, which may will result in the smallest lots and home sizes ever created in Cowan Heights.  As a point of reference, the proposed project borders homes with an average lot size of approximately one acre.  The EIR needs to thoroughly document the adverse impacts the neighborhood and community, and its character, will suffer because of a poorly planned, small-lot tract home project, within an established community of large lot, custom homes.  A highly successful three-acre subdivision on Stanford Court - a very short walk from the proposed project - should be analyzed.  The Initial Study falls short in recognizing these distinctions, indicating Evaluation as less than Potentially Significant Impact.  As such, “Aesthetics”, “Land Use & Planning”, and “Population & Housing” are likely to result in Potentially Significant Impacts and should be studied thoroughly.

In addition to the three “Environmental Factors Potentially Affected” listed above (page 5 of the CEQA Initial Study document), this project and its EIR should also thoroughly study “Geology & Soils”, as this is undisturbed land with little, if any, historical use or structures.  “Public Services”, “Recreation”, and “Utilities & Service Systems” should also be thoroughly studied due to the impacts they will have on the community. 

 The developer has correctly identified the location of their project as “Cowan Heights”.  However, the developer’s stated project objective is to: “Conform the community’s development standards with the existing homes in the Rocking Horse Ridge community directly across the street.”  The developer’s comparison to the Rocking Horse Ridge community is not only misleading (it is not in Cowan Heights), but the Rocking Horse Ridge community’s median lot sizes are substantially larger than the developer has proposed for their project. 

 Please keep us apprised of all project updates, notices, etc.

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