Cow Creek Members Demand Change, Leaders Refuse To Allow!!

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As a Sovereign people who are Citizens of both the United States and their own Tribes, Native peoples have inalienable civil rights, guaranteed under both the U.S. constitution, and their own Tribal Nation's.

In 1992, a small inner faction of The Cow Creek Tribe, created an entirely new Constitution that severely limits its Member's civil rights as citizens, compared to the Tribe's initial Constitution.  This small group somehow coerced just 194 people out of their whole tribe of nearly 1000 members at the time, into signing this document in as their new Constitution.  And the Secty of the Interior allowed it to replace their original Constitution.

Since that time, the members of the Cow Creek Tribe, can no longer vote out their Board of Directors, and nearly all powers have been transferred to the Board.  The Board then confers their power and authorities onto whomever they wish, without any votes from the General Council members.

In 2006, another small faction of Board members, led by the Tribe's hired staff attorney Wayne Shammel, held a political coup that forced out their long-time and highly respected Chairman, Sue Shaffer.

Since this take-over, the Tribe has been ruled by Wayne Shammel and his select cadre of NON-members, mostly White men.  Shammel even induced these narcoleptic Board members to sign an agreement that they would pay him over a million a year salary - even if he was fired! This agreement was witnessed by a member of the Tribe who worked at the government office, who risked their job to leak the information to fellow members.  Otherwise, the General Members of the Tribe would never have known about this secret agreement.

During November 2013 General Council, one of the Tribes' Elders spoke out against Wayne's many, many illegal actions against Tribal employees and members, while holding a sacred Eagle feather.  The current Chairman, Dan Courtney, suddenly and illegally, shut the meeting down in the Elder's face, and the entire Board got up and WALKED out, leaving the Elder standing on the floor, still holding the Eagle feather. This Elder had several strokes after leaving this meeting, that left him bed-ridden.

As if that public humilation were not enough, the Board then held a secret meeting where only certain of them were invited to attend, where they were not allowed to leave until they had all agreed, and they voted to permanently Trespass this Elder from all Tribal lands.  Shammel's understudy, attorney Dirk Doyle, signed this illegal No Trespass Order and had it served on this Elder to his bedside.  

Much more has happened - even worse than all this to the members of this Tribe who courageously speak out against the corruption and sloth of their current leaders.  

These brave Cow Creek members keep fighting, despite having NO rights, No power, and there being NO State or Federal authority that will help them to OUST these corrupt Board of Directors and correct the many wrongs they have committed against their own peoples' Sovereign Civil Rights.

The General Council of the Cow Creek Tribe beg your help in ousting all their current leaders, so they can elect all new leaders, who will restore all their former rights once protected under their first Constitution. 

Will you stand with these impoverished, powerless Native people?  

Please sign our petition and help them demand Change!!  Thank you.

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