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Covington County Schools Board of Education Alabama: Enforce the anti-harassment policy.

The code of conduct needs to be updated to include the anti-harassment policy, clearly defining verbal harassment and consequences of this behavior. Covington County Schools must report data accurately as the law the states. Red Level School also needs to make sure that they are being fair to all students.

Every student should be held accountable with the same consequences for the same violation. Consequences should not be at the principals discretion. If it should be at any discretion it should be up to parties that do not know the student or their family on a personal level. Follow through with your mission statement below or remove it. MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Covington County School System is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become respectful, responsible, and resourceful members of society. To address this mission, the Covington County School System will …… o Attract, develop, and retain an exceptional staff o Provide a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment o Meet each student’s individual instruction needs o Continuously improve instructional programs o Involve families and other community members as partners in the learning process COVINGTON As with any organization, there is a need for rules so that no one will infringe upon the rights of others. This school is no exception; rules and regulations are essential. These rules, however, are not intended to restrict your freedom but to give everyone equal rights and privileges.

The disciplinary action process and rules list 205-Repetitive instances of minor harrassment ( Quarreling) as a Class II -Intermediate offense However, Stealing items less than a total of $25 in value as a Class III - Major offense . What does this say about our school system if they see our children's self-esteem worth less than stealing an amount valued under $25? Your disciplinary actions do not reflect any actions on hendering a students reputation only the threat thereof which is a Class III Major Offense. However,Covered under Class IV Severe offenses you have Mooning. Your processes are either unclear, prioritized incorrectly for severity or either non-existant. We must make a change to the handbook, and the code of conduct to include clear definitions of behaviors and set correct and appropriate levels of punishment. With no set expectations, how can one reach it's goal or mission? We must do a better job of protecting our children as Red Level School is flawed and failing to do so.

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