No more abuse and deaths of children. Time for a royal commission into Child Protection.

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Time for a National Royal Commission into the corrupt and incompetency of  Child Protection & Children's Court is long, long overdue.

In years to come a Prime Minister will stand in parliament and issue a national apology to all the children forced by child protection and children's courts  into mandated  "reunification". The national redress scheme will far outweigh any seen in history. It will involve hundreds of thousands of children and their families across every state and territory across Australia.

Introduced internationally 20 years ago, like sheep Australian MPs and Bureaucrats made reunification mandatory yet had no knowledge of any short, medium or long term effects. Now 2 decades later academia is swamped with research detailing the catastrophic negative effects of mandated reunification on children.

No more suicides, deaths,  abuse and re-traumatisation of vulnerable children in the Child Protection and Children's Court System.

A royal commission is long overdue.

A child dies every fortnight and four out of five of these children are known to Child Protection. Hundreds of thousands more are re-traumatised over and over again.

The time has come to rewrite  legislation mandating child protection workers to 'family reunification' with biological parents at all costs. Legislation that omits the rights of children and their grandcarers, aunties, uncles and all other immediate family members.

Legislation that has resulted in child deaths, suicides and the ongoing trauma of vulnerable children.

The government has proven itself to be the worst of parents. One easy step for the government to end the corruption and toxicity in Child Protection is to simply cease its functionsand pass it over to the not for profit sector & under new legislation.

There are many reasons for the lack of grandcarers, kinship and foster carers. Since commencing this petition it is evident that the broken system in Victoria equates to most other states and territories in Australia.

Grandcarers in many states and territories recieve no financial support at all, yet extended family care is a far more beneficial outcome for children as opposed to statutory care.

Grandcarers, foster and kinship carers have all the responsibilities and yet, no rights. This quite often includes the right to be a representative in Children's Court's proceedings.

Carer costs far outweigh any payments they might recieve (If they recieve anything at all).

It's time for Grandcarers, Kinship, Foster  carers, family GPs, school principals and welfare officers to be heard.

It is time for urgent change!

Added to the current mess, all states and territories in Australia operate differently.

The care of vulnerable and traumatised children & the support carers recieve, should not be a matter of the luck of where you reside.

If you're a child with a disability in the child protection system, your future is bleak with support to potential foster carers minimal if anything and specialist disability group homes considered "institutions". 

Foster, Kinship and Grandcarers are often denied access to be part of children court hearings to detail their concerns or recommendations. If you do not agree to the reunification regardless of the gravity of your concerns you are automatically denied being a party to proceedings. This act alone should be illegal not legal as has been  the case for decades.

A judge not a magistrate should be able to decide what is the best and healthiest environment for a child and not be forced into mandated reunification.

The system should not be set up for what is easiest for child protection workers and magistrates. Denying grandcarers, kinship carers, foster carers, school principals, school welfare officers, GPs and neighbors a voice to deal with the child's reunification as fast and easily as possible has led to a highly toxic and corrupt child protection system that is more concerned  about meeting targets than a child's best interest.

The system is wrong, outdated, corrupt, broken, dangerous and in need of a major overhaul.

Being  left with no support once a child turns 18 and legislation that is fixated at 'family reunification' at all costs must change. Family reunification if it's in the child's best interest is one thing.

“Family reunification" because there are no other options or the cheapest & easiest solution is not!

By the time we are hearing stories of child protection practitioners and their team leaders accepting cash from biological parents to write a positive report on their behalf its time for a major overhaul and criminal charges of bureaucrats involved.

Your effort will help protect the most vulnerable, our children. Together, let's create a child protection and court system that works!