Amend the $16​.​6B CORPS Act to Support Nonprofits and Volunteers in Your Community

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Jennifer Bennett
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America Will Need Millions of Volunteers to Help Communities Recover

COVID-19 has devastated communities across the country and intensified the racial and economic inequalities that undermine our democracy. Nonprofits have been on the frontlines of the crisis and will need millions of volunteers to help communities rebuild, reimagine and reconnect.

Expanding America’s Capacity for Effective Volunteer Engagement

The CORPS Act introduced by Senator Coons is a $16.6B Bill (S. 3964) to support the recovery effort by expanding national service. We care deeply about the values of service, but the current Bill excludes millions of volunteers, hundreds of thousands of local nonprofits hard hit by the crisis and overlooks the challenges communities face mobilizing the help that they need in a changing world.

To respond we are educating Senator Coons, and the Bill's 17 co-sponsors including Senators Wicker, Cornyn, Harris & Booker, and urging them to adopt "Friendly Amendments" to make nonprofits eligible for $350,000,000 in capacity building grants to support effective volunteer engagement and scale the public-interest digital infrastructure communities need to get volunteers to the organizations that need them -- when they need them most.

If you want to be a part of reshaping national policy, supporting nonprofits and scaling America's capacity to serve, please sign, share and contact your Senators to urge them to support amending the CORPS Act (S. 3964) to help your community recover and rebuild.