No clones !

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Clones have become the plague of the favorite game of thousands of people: covet fashion. To stop this, and this perpetual radio silence from the Crowdstars team, I have no choice but to start this petition which I am sure will motivate the players
to fight against this injustice.

The phenomenon of clones, basically, is a person who decides for thousands of players. She decides which outfit would be best suited, and by allowing players to fully copy these outfits, it bypasses the game's algorytme. Most will have a top look, without thinking more than two seconds. This is cheating.

Covet is a game that can cost a lot of money (diamonds are expensive) and it would be normal for the game team to take care of its community. But this is not the case. The messages of the players remain unanswered for the most part, and the clones continue to kill the soul of the game. The top looks are sadly the same, and the worst thing is that the players who dare to choose the alternative, and who keep buying expensive items suffer from bad rates.

I call you all, so that finally a deep voice can shake the owners of the game.